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Our Business

Comfort Door is a Brazilian company located in the city of Londrina, in the South Brazil. For 4 years we are manufacturer of doors and windows hardware and acessories with customers in all states of Brazil and some countries of South America and United States.

The main objective of Comfort Door is to develop and market innovative and intelligent door and window hardware. To achieve this, the company invests continuously in research and development of materials, products and national and international suppliers.

The company's commercial operations are based on lasting relationships with sales representatives and distributors throughout Brazil, through ethics, professionalism and respect.

Our Products

Our products are sophisticated, innovative and reliable, making it a great choice for all kinds of customers and markets. We work with different models of door and window seals, to better meet your needs.

Automatic Door Bottom Seal

This equipment is intended for residential and commercial use and is installed inside new and used doors, with hinges or pivoting.

Door Bottom Seal

The Veda Door Adhesive is a product designed to hold fences on wooden doors, being installed on the outside of the door at its base.

Foam Seal

Veda Frestas seals all door, window, window frames, cabinets, etc. Providing acoustic protection and protecting the environment against the entry of wind, dust, insects, moisture and water.

If you are interested in buying our products for personal use, or you are interested in selling our products in your country, please contact us and our International Account Manager will contact you to provide our company's business information.

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